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We require a very talented and self-driven Sales Account Manager. We are looking for someone dynamic, energetic and ambitious. The ideal candidate would be willing to learn and grow with our company.

Current Opportunities

Sales Account Manager

Job Description

  • Develop relationships
  • Manage, retain and grow existing customers (managers and executives at major corporations including Fortune 500 companies) by building relationships and offering unparalleled customer service
  • Guide customers in finding and implementing the best solution to their company's requirements
  • Process quotations, orders and requests quickly and efficiently
  • Use social media platforms to enhance relationships with new and potential clients.
  • Educate, inform, and update existing customers on product benefits, industry trends, and news within our company
  • Participate in sales, marketing and customer service meetings to share ideas and formulate strategies


  • Experience in managing accounts
  • Must be goal oriented
  • Ability to build and maintain existing customer relationships
  • Must be persuasive, persistent and dedicated
  • Possess excellent sales/customer and verbal communication skills
  • Positive attitude, confident and self-motivated
  • Computer skills
  • College or University degrees preferred but not mandatory if years of relevant experience

Note that some travel may be required.

Our rapidly growing company is in full expansion with continuous investment in its employees and technology.

All of our career-minded employees are highly qualified and extremely committed in the growth and success at Armor Rock.

If you are interested in being considered for a career opportunity at Armor Rock, please send us an English resume for the position.

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