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Garage Do It Yourself Kits

Armor Rock floor finishes come in two of the following colors: gray and beige.

Armor Rock Garage Kit – 100% Solid Epoxy

Grey Tile DIY Kit

Beige Tile

This full kit includes all of the following products:

  • Covers 250sf per kit
  • Armor rock “Floor Epoxy”
  • Armor rock “Urethane Topcoat”
  • 3 pounds of painted flake ¼ size
  • 9 inch roller
  • 9 inch roller frame
  • Plastic gloves
  • Paint-brush
  • Instruction sheet
  • 1 x Cup of Ottawa sand (nonslip aggregate)

Armor Rock Garage Kit

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Spike Shoes

Spike Shoes

Paint Brushes

Paint brushes

18 Inch Rollers

18 inch rollers

18 Inch Roller Frames

18 inch roller frames

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