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Install Services

Armor Rock Concrete Floor Coatings has a wide array of surface preparation equipment for different types of applications. One type of equipment does not work well for all, whether polishing concrete, applying floor coatings, or removal of mastic, coatings, and sealers. Armor Rock Concrete Floor Coatings needs to examine the surface and determine what type of condition the existing concrete surface is in. Next, determine the profile and end results for the concrete surface and the process based on the surface conditions to achieve desired end results. All surfaces weather polishing concrete or coating a concrete floor must be free of any laitance or efflorescence, free of any adverse moisture conditions, grease, oil, etc. Armor Rock Concrete Floor Coatings has the capability to do large or small projects.

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concrete patch repair

Concrete Patch Repair

Armor Rock Concrete Floor Coatings uses revolutionary, fast setting, high strength, ultra-low viscosity material for concrete crack repair, concrete polishing finishing, and industrial coatings.

Diamond Grinding and Polishing

Concrete polishing is a process of diamond grinding the concrete surface then applying premium hardener, densifier and sealer to change the molecular structure of the concrete surface wear zone.
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Floor Resurfacing

Armor Rock Coatings uses chemicals to provide the highest level of durably and concentration possible in the formulations designed specifically for the industrial and institutional fields.
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Shot Blasting Process

Shot blasting is a one step system that strips, cleans, and properly etches concrete floors. The cleaning head has a completely enclosed centrifugal blast wheel.
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Slab Stabilization

This technology is applicable in the industrial, commercial, residential, public works and institutional markets where the lifting of differentially settled slabs or settled concrete slabs is required.
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