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Clean & Prep Concrete with Shot Blasting in Southern Ontario

In order to properly prepare your concrete surfaces for an epoxy coating, Armor Rock uses shot blasting on all of our Burlington, ON jobs. We serve customers throughout the cities of Burlington, Hamilton, and Mississauga, as well as throughout the province of Ontario. This one-step system strips, cleans, and properly etches concrete floors. Our shot blasting can be used not only to create adhesion properties needed for the application of epoxy coatings, paints, and waterproof membranes, but can also be used to create a slip-resistant surface, or to remove an existing matter from the surface of the slab.

shot blasting

Shot Blasting: How It Works

Our 14-inch shot blaster is designed for high-performance surface preparation of medium-to-large areas and is one of the most powerful shot blasting systems in the world, with 23 horses. The cleaning head features a completely-enclosed centrifugal blast wheel that spins the metal abrasive, or shot, into its center and then throws it against the floor surface. As the shot hits the surface, it breaks loose any contaminants, paint, or other surface debris, and both the debris and shot rebound into a separation system. This system then removes the contaminants into an attached dust collector and automatically recycles the shot for re-use.

We Can Handle Any Job, No Matter the Size

Our advanced system gives us the ability to complete shot blasting jobs quickly, allowing for one-step removal, cleaning, and preparation of any concrete surface. The unique 6-fin blast wheel delivers the best shot pattern possible. We can even attach an extension unit that doubles the blast width, which allows us to cover twice as much ground in the same amount of time. This means we can complete jobs of any size, even those in large industrial spaces. Call us today to learn more or to set up a time for us to visit your site.

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